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General Check Ups

Pap Smears

Women’s Health

Family Planning

Neonatal Health

Pregnancy Tests

Share Care Antenatal

Men’s Health

Electrocardiography (ECG)

Heart Check

Lung Function Testing (Spirometry)

Mental Health Care

Vaccinations for Children & Travel

Minor Surgery (stitching cuts,
removal of moles and sunspots)

Industrial Medical Assessments

Employment and Insurance Medicals


Veteran Affairs

Driving Medicals

Chronic Disease Management

Advice and Consultation

Sports Medicine

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Starlight Foundation

At Starlight we know that happiness matters to sick kids facing the pain, fear and stress of serious illness.

That's why for over 30 years we've worked in partnership with health professionals to bring the fun, joy and laughter that helps sick kids be kids.

We help kids of all ages regardless of disability, injury or illness because what happens in childhood lasts a lifetime.

We believe in happiness because it matters to sick kids’ health.

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